The Citizens Authentication Gateway (CAG) is a central login source for some Citizens systems.

Login Assistance
  • Each user must have a unique username and password. Do not share usernames and passwords.
  • Your username is unique and usually will be your first initial and last name, with no spaces. In some cases, numbers may follow your last name.
  • If you cannot remember your username or password, select Forgot Username/Password in the log-in box.
e.g: jsmith
case sensitive
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This system is the property of Citizens Property Insurance Corporation and is provided for authorized use only. Unauthorized use is prohibited and may be subject to discipline, civil suit and criminal prosecution. By using this system you understand and consent as follows: you have no reasonable expectation of privacy in any communications or data, personal or otherwise, transiting or stored on this system; any communications or data transiting or stored on this system may be monitored, intercepted, recorded, and searched at any time and for any lawful purpose, and may be used or disclosed for any lawful purpose. You also agree that you will protect login and password information and you will immediately report lost or stolen login information to Citizens. You acknowledge that this system incorporates the intellectual property of Citizens and its vendors. You also agree to restrict your use of this system and all information displayed only for the service of Citizens’ business and you further agree to not share the system or information displayed with any third party except as specifically authorized by Citizens.
Caution: The Clearinghouse may contain the intellectual property of one or more entities, including but not limited to Bolt Inc. and Verisk Analytics, (“Clearinghouse IP”). Citizens does not permit disassembly, reverse compilation, reverse engineering, translation, reproduction, modification, enhancement, sale, or sublicensing of any Clearinghouse IP.